Prayers for The Big Easy

Keep New Orleans and all the people of the Gulf Coast in your prayers as Katrina bears down. Hopefully she’ll lose some strength before landfall, or the results could be devastating. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Prayers for The Big Easy”

  1. Yeah. Man, I was watching the news on it this morning before church. I have family and friends there. Scary thought what could happen…

  2. No kidding. I’ve spent a lot of time in New Orleans, and this has me worried. I had a “to do” list involving the French Quarter at sunset by the time I was 25.. I’m now sad that I didn’t work harder to make that happen, especially since it may be awhile before the French Quarter is dry.

  3. you know it must be serious b/c I am now sitting in class and all we are doing is looking up websites on Katrina and who is going to be effected. that or I just have a really lazy professor. Probably both.

  4. Bryan just sent me a pic of a Bourbon St. sign in the rain.. they’re almost having a complete white-out, where the rain is so intense you can’t see anything in front of you.. tooke me awhile to figure out what the pic was.

    🙁 Totally bummed about New Orleans.

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