Favorite Things This Weekend

Alice woke up fever-free and happy this morning. For the first time since Wednesday. I’ve missed our happy little baby, so this was welcomed, of course.

Alice is learning how to kiss. Now, if you say, “Alice, give me a kiss!” she’ll toddle over, lean in, cut her eyes off to one side, and slobber open-mouthed all over your face. I love it. It’s so sweet!

Alice really likes to sit in my lap. If I’m sitting on the floor, she’ll frequently bring over a book, turn around, and back into my lap. Precious.

We took the bunkbeds apart yesterday, and so Helen’s in a regular bed again (though significantly higher up than before, since she’s got a box spring and mattress on the lower frame of the bunkbeds)… She can feel “cold air” on her face at night, and this makes her happy. She woke us up at 5:10 this morning, but I took her back downstairs, went through the bedtime routine again, and put Logic on the bed with her to protect her. She slept for another 90 minutes or so. 🙂

The cousins all wore their matching dresses to church this morning, and Helen was a perfect angel. She told me before we left: “I’m going to be such a good girl! I’m going to be VERY quiet.” And she was.

Alice lets me put barrettes in her hair. And she’s beginning to understand things like “hair,” because if I mention her hair, she grabs her hair. Still working on “nose” and “belly,” though.

My niece is learning how to knit, and she’s been working on a scarf this week, with a thick boucle yarn. She dropped a stitch, but then continued to knit for several rows. I dug down into the scarf and recovered the stitch, thus securing my status as Coolest Aunt Ever.

Alice is wearing Baby Gap flared jeans with a white T-shirt right now, and she’s so cute it would rip your heart out.

I got to scrapbook with my sister-in-law on Saturday night. Last night and today I’ve been uploading photos so that I can finish Alice’s baby book and get caught up in our 2005 family album again.

Free-motion quilting on the Rhapsody in Blue quilt has begun, which means that Pandora’s box has officially been opened…

The local yarn store is having an “emergency 60% off sale” tomorrow through Thursday because a shipment of yarn came in Friday and they don’t have any space for it. So I’m going to go check out the sale bin, since I’ll be spending some time convalescing in about a month.

Life is good. 🙂