Busy Busy

Because of all the knitting and quilting and long-term projects that have been going on around here, I decided I needed some instant-gratification projects to rev me up and keep me going on the long ones.

This means, of course, that I make clothes. Very fast.

Today, I made Jerry a shirt. He picked out the fabric for it yesterday. All that remains on it are the sleeve hems, buttons, and buttonholes. About 30 minutes work, being very deliberate. 🙂

I’m also making (because I’m filled with self-loathing and hatred) 4 matching dresses for Helen and Alice and two of their cousins, who will be here next week. And the third cousin that’s coming is getting a coordinating outfit, but she’s almost 12 — a bit above the “matching dresses” thing. I picked out something that I think she’ll like. And if she doesn’t, that’s fine, too. It takes about 35 minutes to make a pair of pants, so I’m not really worried about “wasting my time” on that one.

The 4 matching dresses are all about 20 minutes from completion, if I were doing them one at a time. Since I’m assembly-lining them, the whole project is probably about 45 minutes from being done (except for the diaper covers for the two little ones — that’s another 45 minutes, probably).

Once Jerry’s shirt’s done and the 4 dresses are done, I’ll resume work on a quilt. But I just needed the diversion for a little bit; too much plugging along and not enough finishing happening to suit my tastes. I needed something quick and easy to keep me entertained.