Things I Hate To Do

I have done two things today so far that I hate to do, that are difficult to do when my children are home. Currently, they are off playing with grandparents, and I COULD have been using that time to sew and frolic and have a lovely time all to myself, but I decided to be more productive than that.

So. I have balanced the checkbook, something that ALWAYS stresses me out, and cleaned out my purse. Next up is unloading the dishwasher (a job I ABHOR, for no apparent reason), and then I’m going to fold the piles of clean laundry that the cats have been sleeping on for the past 48 hours (unless the layer of hair coating the laundry piles requires that I wash it all again, which is possible. Ugh.)

I WANT to be playing in my sewing room. But I have a quilting class tonight, so I will have my opportunity (even though I want to be working on MY projects, not on the one we’re going to be doing tonight… Even though it will be neat and a fun new technique)…

So I’ll get back to work now.

Please Interpret My Dream.

I had a bizarre dream last night. Please tell me what you think it means, because I’m baffled.

I dreamed (dreamt?) that my brother, Tom, decided to teach some people how to waterski. The students were Jerry’s boss, Jim, and Steve Correll from “The Office,” “Bruce Almighty,” and “The Daily Show.” And they decided to learn how to waterski in the middle of a golf course — with no water. And yes, before you ask, there WAS a boat. I didn’t concentrate much mental energy on the boat, so I don’t remember much about the boat except that there WAS one.

So. They’re standing there, on two skis each (Jim’s were green, Steve’s were brown), each holding a rope, each wearing a yellow lifejacket, behind the boat. And my brother is standing there with them — no skis — but also holding a rope and wearing a lifejacket. And then the boat started moving, pulling them along behind. And they skied all around the lush fescue grass, bending ski tracks into it and just having a wonderful time, as Tom told them how to maneuver and jump the wake (!) and turn around backwards on the skis. My entire family watched from our campsite in amazement.

No one fell, which I was quite worried about, since they were learning how to waterski on land.

But I couldn’t figure out how Tom was skiing, since he didn’t have skis. Then they stopped, and Tom unstrapped the Matchbox Cars from his feet. He had been skiing around on little toy cars.

Okay, that’s all I remember. Discuss.