Status Report:

4 matching dresses: finished except for handwork.
–Remaining: diaper covers, Brandi’s outfit.
–Deadline: next Friday, August 19, 11am, photo session with the 5 cousins
–Will I make the deadline? Yes, no problem.

Strange New Quilt: binding made, attached
–Remaining: handsewing the binding down on the back, label, hanging sleeve.
–Deadline: none

Rhapsody in Blue Quilt: standstill
–Remaining: a little more threadplay to even things out on the flying geese portion, layering, trapunto, and quilting, binding, label, hanging sleeve
–Deadline: Labor Day
–Will I make the deadline? Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn’t really matter. I’d love to make it, though.

Sticks and Stones Quilt: almost done
–Remaining: making and attaching binding, handsewing, label, hanging sleeve
–Deadline: Labor Day
–Will I make the deadline? Yes, absolutely.

Bargello Quilt: layered and partially quilted
–Remaining: finish quilting (not too much, really), binding, label, hanging sleeve
–Deadline: none

Tapas Quilt: ready to layer and quilt
–Remaining: layering, quilting, binding, label. May not hang this one. It’s kinda destined to be a cuddle quilt for the playroom downstairs.
–Deadine: none

Green Albatross: 1/5 layered, ready to quilt
–Remaining: 4/5 layering, quilting, attaching strips, binding, label.
–Deadline: December 31, 2005
–Will I make the deadline? Yes, dammit. If I have to go without sleep in December, I am going to make that stupid deadline. I want this unfinished project OUT OF MY LIFE.

OK. I’ll stop adding to this list so I don’t get too overwhelmed… At least I know HOW I’m going to quilt the Green Albatross, finally. That’s a huge step in the right direction.


Dropped Helen off at the New School this morning and she was sobbing as I left. I’m sure she’s running amok now, having a wonderful time. I wonder if she’ll eat today? They’re getting cheeseburgers from SteakOut. Helen always refuses beef, so I just asked them to give her a “grilled cheese,” which is the cheeseburger without the meat. Hopefully she’ll eat THAT.