You can always tell the days that Helen refuses to take a nap, because I don’t get ANYthing done around here and the house gets even more wrecked than it already was. Which was pretty wrecked, since we just came off a weekend.

I do a lot of crisis cleaning when the girls nap. When I don’t get that time, it shows. 🙁

And I hate that Jerry is going to come home to this pigsty tonight. That’s the worst.

Bless Your Heart

In the South, you can say pretty much anything you want to about someone as long as the sentence also includes, “Bless His/Her Heart.” This way, otherwise harsh editorials can be softened:

“Bless her heart, she looks like a whore in that dress.”

“Bless his heart, but he’s dumber than a box of hammers.”

“Bless her heart, she really needs to get a grip.”

“Bless his heart, he’s gained a lot of weight in the last year.”

And on and on…

Try it — it’s fun!