Critical Yellow

On Wednesday, one of my mom’s best friends called me to ask if she could go shopping in my mom’s fabric stash (Mom’s in Colorado at the moment). Turns out Judy (Judy McC. from Fantasy, for all you locals) is this close to finishing a quilt for the quilt show, and she ran out of a critical yellow fabric. She and Claire and Ann are all out hunting for this fabric, and none of the local stores have any more of it.

My mom has done several yellow quilts (three, I think — Mom is about yellow the way I am about orange), so Judy knows that Mom’s Yellow Stash is substantial. So we made an appointment to meet at Mom’s at 9:30 yesterday morning, and she showed me the fabric.

“Oh, I have THAT. I have at least a half-yard of it.”

We checked Mom’s stash quickly, even though I knew Mom didn’t have it — it’s a relatively new fabric, and Mom’s last yellow quilt was finished last summer. So I know she hasn’t bought any more yellow in a while. Then we drove the half-mile in our matching Subaru Outbacks back over to my house (I didn’t walk because I had just showered after walking 3.5 miles yesterday morning), and I got her a full yard of the Critical Yellow fabric. She was so happy — PLENTY for her to work with, and no need to scrimp because she definitely wouldn’t be running out of it now.

I had this fabric because it was perfect for the edging on the Christmas Stockings that I haven’t finished yet. Judy was worried about taking my “perfect” yellow, but I don’t mind at all — since I haven’t gotten to that point in the stockings yet, I’m quite certain I can find another yellow that will be equally perfect.

And I got to make someone’s day. On her birthday, no less. It was a good day. I’m going to call her today to see if she finished her project. 🙂


When I open my fridge the aroma of onions is enough to knock you down. I do not know why. I made chicken salad for dinner last night — with no onions.

I guess I should check the Rottery (produce drawer) to see if an onion is sacrificing itself… Because I’m not likin’ the Onion Stink, even though I basically like onions. This is just too much. Bleah.