Saturday Mornings

Jerry has a wonderful habit lately of getting up when the girls do (about 6:30am) on Saturdays and letting me sleep in. I usually drag out of bed around 8ish, have a leisurely shower, and wander downstairs to find Alice already napping and Jerry and Helen engrossed in some sort of activity — blocks, coloring, Chutes & Ladders, or snuggled on the sofa watching a movie together.

Thursday night, Jerry stayed up past 1am doing some work on the computer, and last night he was up pretty late talking to a friend. On average, I need less sleep than he does (by more than an hour), so this morning when Helen came in and announced that she needed to brush her teeth, I got up and let HIM sleep.

He did not sleep well; he felt guilty, he said, because Saturday is MY day to sleep in.

I didn’t mind. I had a nice morning with the girls, and Jerry got the sleep he needed. And I snoozed on the sofa when Alice was napping, and Helen cuddled with me and watched Dora the Explorer. So I got some sleep, too.

All four of us were still in pajamas around 2pm.

I love lazy Saturdays.