Snotty jewelry

Someone near and dear to Jerry’s heart (NOT ME) did something that she’s been wanting to do for a long time. She got her nose pierced. Good for her.

I remember when Kelley (hi, Kelley!) got her nose pierced one semester in college — she wore a bright blue sapphire stud in it. She did it for a project for one of her theatre classes. They had to make a significant physical change of some sort, and then record people’s reactions to it.

It looked really good on her — I do remember that — because it made her bright blue eyes jump out at you even more than they already did, and she was in a funky stage where a nose piercing just looked good.

But I also remember pondering why *I* would never get a nose piercing. Reason #1 is that I rub my nose a lot. So I’d either break that habit (likely) or scratch up my hands. Reason #2 is that, frankly, I don’t like the idea of snot in my jewelry.

Maybe I’m just persnickety about such things.

But I’m happy for Jerry’s friend. May she never have snot in her jewelry.

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  1. One of my best friends, Amy, got her nose pierced last year. The little stud was VERY shiny and the placement was…strange.

    So we called it her “Blingin’ Zit”.

  2. Yeah. I just can’t imagine the waiting period after you GET the piercing where you’d need to wear a stud in it. A simple ring? Yeah, I could do that. Just a delicate little ring that’s not really noticeable? Sure. But I’d HATE the weeks where you had to wear the stud at the beginning.

    Which reminds me. I went to NYC with a bunch of theatre people in 2000, and saw “Rent” and a few other shows, and I went to a funky little store and bought a little nosering clip. It was just 7/8 of a ring, sterling silver, and it just hugged the edge of my nostril. And it looked COOL.

    I think I wanted to freak Jerry out a little bit when I got home by doing something crazy in NYC like getting a nosering.

    Well, I got sauced while out one night (we were in a piano bar — did you know that it’s illegal to dance in some bars? I didn’t either. But I was told to stop twice. Finally, we had to leave, because the drunker I got, the more I wanted to dance)… While I was sauced, I must have rubbed my nose, and the little ring came off and bounced away forever. I was really bummed when I got up the next morning to get ready for the flight home and discovered that it was gone. Because that would have been a fun little thing to have.

    But it also made me VERY aware of the fact that I rub my nose a lot. And that I’m sure that’s why it disappeared.

    Oh, well.

  3. I used to have a fake belly button ring. Drove the guy I was seeing NUTS. He loved it, and just a glimpse of it (I am not the belly bearing type) would have him drooling. Good times.

  4. When Meg went to Hawaii after graduation she got henna tattoos. She got a big dragon, and a sun, and her boyfriend’s initials way…down…there. When she showed me I FLIPPED OUT because she didn’t tell me they were fake.

    I didn’t want her future husband (who’s initials were NOT going to be C.C.) to be offended. 🙂

  5. This is right up there in my world with permanent tattoos… I just figure the hole is there long term, and I’m opposed to putting holes in my body. Christi has tattoos. Ronda has tattoos. Sarah has tattoos. Stephanie will never have a tattoo.

    Conversation backstage at The Women:
    Stephanie: There is just nothing that I want to continue seeing ON my body in 50 years.
    Sherry Ryan: oh I do! Tom Selleck.

    Uproarious laughter.

    PJ Over the intercom…: Ladies please. I can hear someone talking about wanting Tom Selleck.

    Immediate result? A brand new PJ loves Tom Selleck poster on the bulletin board.

    See Sarah, you really were in the wrong dressing room…

  6. I suspect the piercing will look fine on my friend (let’s call her “C”). C has blue eyes too, and is very good with her image.

    I would disagree with the “near and dear to his [my] heart” comment though. That was long ago and far away.

  7. I never doubted. I was in there with Leprosy woman. God love my patience.

    We had fun in ours, too.. it was just a different.. kind.. of fun.

    Okay, it was just Gena and I.

  8. Funny thing about nose rings…the snot doesnt’ really stick to the stem. I did like it, though!

  9. I really, really wanted a nosering when I was 18. Like, REALLY. But then I saw a girl who had one on tv and I kept talking about this huge zit on her nose.

    Then I realized it was bling.

    Some girls, myself (maybe) included, are better off with the holes we have.

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