Perfect! Um….except….

I had a dream last night that I thought of THE PERFECT Halloween costume for me. I was so excited putting it together, and I just KNEW that everyone would think it was fantastic and great and would talk about it for a long time, the same way that they talked about it when Jerry and I were Neo and Trinity two years ago and I had made Jerry’s coat. We looked pretty cool that night, even if I was holding a Teletubbie (Helen) in most of the pictures, in my shiny black vinyl.

Halloween 2003

Anyway. Last night’s dream. I apparently left out two critical points with this dream, and my brain didn’t really feel like resolving them, so they just got skipped.

The costume, you ask? I was going to be… are you ready?




I was gonna be BILLY IDOL!!! I had perfected the sneer in the mirror and everything — I was SO excited.

Well. Apparently, my brain just left out the little details — that I am NOT blonde (I had located the spray blonde, but I couldn’t verify if it would actually bleach my hair or just coat it, but I was unworried). And that, um, I’m FEMALE and the esteemed Mr. Idol goes shirtless under his denim jacket. I’m flat-chested, sure. But I’m not THAT flat-chested.

Again, I was unworried. This was not a problem.


And I was with Chris Noth (Mr. Big) in the dream, getting ready to head out to some party. In a very cluttered and very gay hotel room — lots of black and red and velvet and chrome. Bizarre. Jerry was meeting us later. Or something. I really have no idea, except that I was unworried about all of it.

Helen woke me up before I got to see my full costume. Thank God.