Tonight, we are going to go camping. Kind of.

There’s a state park 10-20 minutes from here, and we’re going to set up our 4-man tent just outside my parents’ 37-foot Winnebago bus. We will have air mattresses in the tent, and hopefully the Poplin Family Tent Adventure will be fun.

Whose crazy idea was this, in light of my current physical condition? Oddly enough, MINE.

Because I have cabin fever. And because I know the girls will have a blast. And because I know that if it goes badly, we can just come home and go back up there tomorrow and take down the tent.

All the same, Jerry and I went to a medical supply place after lunch (before the girls were returned to us by his dad and stepmother), and got a “portable sitz bath” contraption for me so that I will still be able to do As The Doctor Ordered and have a sitz bath before bedtime.

Yeah, we’re roughing it.

I’ll have plenty of Advil with me. 🙂