Mary is onto something…

My friend Mary, who doesn’t read here, is a pharmacist. A pharmacist is a handy friend to have, because you can ask stupid drug questions and they don’t think you’re stupid. When I left the hospital after monitoring when they sent me home for bedrest, I stopped by Mary’s pharmacy for the prescription. She looked at it, looked at me, and came around and gave me a hug. “Oh, Lainey! I’m so sorry!” She knew exactly what that drug meant. And she bolstered me throughout that experience because she knew what the drug was doing to me and why I felt so damn miserable.

This is no different. I’m on painkillers and MEGAantibiotics that Jerry picked up from Mary’s pharmacy. I’ve been nauseated for two days. Mary somehow seemed to know, and called this morning to check on me. I told her how I was feeling, and she said that the pain could be causing the nausea, but it could also certainly be the antibiotics because they’re really strong. She suggested calling the doctor back and seeing if they could give me some anti-nausea stuff. I will if I have THREE days in a row like this, but I really don’t want to take any MORE drugs, you know?

I was whining and crying to Mary about all this, and how I wish I had been more prepared.

“But Lainey, if you had known, would you have done it anyway?”

You know, she’s right. Sometimes ignorance really is the best thing.