OK… Interesting discussion I saw on another site today…

Someone is facing some surgery for female issues, and has lost so much blood and is so anemic that the possibility of a transfusion is there. She told her doctor absolutely not, that she will NOT have a transfusion. When pressed, she said it’s because it “reminds her too much of witchcraft and demon worship” to have someone else’s blood in her.

WTF?! Are you serious? As if the blood has a freakin’ PERSONALITY? As if it doesn’t have the same lifespan as normal blood cells, and will be replaced by her own circulatory system as her strength is regained? As if the Evil Blood Cells and her weakened blood cells would mate and create Demon Spawn Blood Cells? W?T?F?!

My God. These people who fear everything — how do they leave their homes in the morning? That’s what I don’t get. Bizarre.

Back in the Saddle (ha ha)

I scrapbooked last night. It was wonderful. I got 5 pages done, except for journaling. FIVE! That’s pretty good, considering I was running around being social and enjoying the house full of women for most of the time. 🙂

Steph, you mentioned wanting to see my scrapping stuff sometime. Ya wanna make an appointment? Your schedule is crazier than mine, so you pick it.

Will talk to Jerry about the wisdom of a Wilde Outinge on Friday… He’ll be back tonight around dinnertime. I wanna go, but I don’t know if my butt can handle it. 🙂


Alice and I have Wednesday mornings alone, which I love. The nursery at church will watch her free of charge from 9:30-noon if I need to run child-free errands, but usually I don’t bother, and we just have a nice morning together.

Today she’s toddling around the house, enjoying the fact that Helen’s not yanking her arms or taking toys away from her. And she comes over every minute or so for a hug. She is an incredibly affectionate child.

A few minutes ago, she found her apple green fleece hoodie (an LL Bean hand-me-down from her big sister), which is one of my favorite child-related purchases ever. We got 2 winters out of it for Helen, and will likely get 2 more winters out of it for Alice (after we FINALLY wrenched it out of Helen’s hands — she had a snitfit the first time we got it out this year, because she insisted it was HER coat even though it wouldn’t cover beyond her elbows anymore). Nothing like 4 years of solid use to make it a very well-spent $30. I love LL Bean.

But I digress. She brought me the hoodie, and tried to put it on. Which basically means that she rubbed it over her head until her hair was all standing straight up, and then she handed it to me. It took us a while to master the peculiar dance of getting her oriented properly (and the coat oriented properly) to put it on her right. She wanted the hood up, and she wanted it zipped. And she walked around for half an hour like that, an apple green elf eating little squares of cheese and turkey pepperoni slices.

Tee hee.

I love that little coat. I will probably cry when they both have outgrown it.