New York Dress

When I went to Emma and Greg’s wedding in NYC in 2000, I made a TRIP out of it — Alison went with me, and my mom (who had been in Virginia the week before) and Valerie rode a train up to meet us. And we partied and ate well and saw “Lion King” and generally loved it.

And we went shopping, too, finding a little boutique that sold designer stuff at a discount. I got a Chanel jacket (funky animal print in a quilt style — I wore it to Jungle Book a few weeks ago) for $40. And I got a FABULOUS dress that has become known as my New York Dress.

It’s a sage green sheath underdress with a very heavily beaded black overlay. So it’s “green,” but not really green, if that makes any sense. And I felt like a million bucks when I wore it to the ResGen Christmas party that year. The only time I’ve worn it. The dress goes pretty low in the back, so that I had to wear pasties instead of a traditional bra. THAT was an experience…

Last night, Sarah came over and we drank wine and visited (and bored the poor girl to death, I’m sure. Jerry and I have been so hungry for adult conversation –outside the two of us– that we just prattled on and on and on and on and on and she was SO sweet about it). And I mentioned the New York dress, and how I didn’t know if I fit back into it yet. I was ALMOST sauced enough to go try it on, but not quite…

So the first thing I did this morning when I got out of bed was try it on.

IT FITS! It’s a little more snug than I’d like in the hip area, but nothing that (steel reinforced) pantyhose won’t fix. And it didn’t bunch as I was putting it on — it just slid on. I just would prefer that it be a little looser.

But it FITS. I have had two babies and taught since I wore that dress, and my weight has gone up to 190 (at 9 months with Helen), back down, up to 165 (with Alice), and back down to my pre-teaching weight (all that cafeteria food and access to a snack machine during free periods put about 10 pounds on me). I finally weigh less than I did when I got pregnant.

And the dress FITS again.

Now I just gotta generate a reason to wear it.


HUGE victory for me. I was a bit concerned that I’d never fit into that dress again.