Out of the Woods

We’re back.

The plan was to maybe stay tonight, but we opted to come home and let everyone sleep in their own beds. Which will be a pleasure.

Last night was … uh … challenging. Alice woke up at 2:30, coughing, and could not settle back down. Even with cough medicine, she kept flinging herself on me and on Jerry and trying to go back to sleep (she WANTED to sleep), and then coughing herself awake again. And then Helen woke up. And then at 7am, Helen woke up and wanted us up. “GET UP! IT’S MORNING TIME!”

I took a three hour nap with Alice this morning, and Jerry napped for at least an hour with Alice this afternoon. And Helen and my mom went off for a long time to the playground, playing really hard, so Helen was doing the “I’m Not Tired But I Will Not Stop Moving Just In Case” dance all evening.

She was asleep by the time we had driven the 2 miles from the campsite to the park entrance. Passed OUT.

Helen had a WONDERFUL time, though the tent spooked her a little bit in the middle of the night. Alice had a pretty good time being outside, except for the uneven terrain and the fact that she’s not very sure-footed yet. So she kept face-planting in the dirt and gravel.

Jerry got bored, but he didn’t take anything to read or do, so I guess that’s to be expected, somewhat. The dogs enjoyed themselves and are now completely filthy. I’ll be calling the groomer’s on Monday.

I did okay. I had a great time, and we figured out how I could do Sitz baths in my parents’ RV so I wouldn’t have to traipse all the way over to a public restroom that may or may not have been cleaned well enough for such things… I’m in pain, sure, but I’d be in pain even if we had been here all weekend. Enjoyed the S’mores and continuous eating that is the pattern of my family’s style of camping.

Made another patchwork puzzle ball today, too. It probably smells like woodsmoke.