My sewing machine is broken. Well, I could probably still sew with it, but the tension might go a little weird on me because a belt popped off — worn on one side. Not worth the risk. Same thing happened last year and it was a MESS when I quilted with it in that condition.

It broke Saturday night, just in time for the holiday weekend.

I will arrive at the quilt shop tomorrow morning at 10am, with Helen, Alice, and my sewing machine. I really hope that she can fix it tomorrow… I was on a ROLL quilting my Fibonacci quilt. 🙁

Jerry suggested I camp out at the quilt shop tonight so I’m there as soon as Mary gets there in the morning. I don’t think that’ll be necessary; I’m sure she’ll see the desperation in my eyes when I do get there.

It’s due for its annual cleaning anyway, so I guess this was the sewing machine god’s way of telling me to take it IN already. I’m about 3 weeks late for that. Oops!