Hopped Up

Alice’s right ear is still not cleared out from the multiple infections she has had since November. She got tubes in her eardrums on April 6, so the pain and screaming has stopped, but she’s still oozy and gross. She’s been on antibiotic eardrops for 10 days, and that hasn’t completely dried it out yet, so we went to the ENT yesterday and got more orders.

Alice will now have 5 more days of eardrops, a 10-day course of Augmentin, and she’ll be on a “steroid taper” for three days. I was told by both the nurse at the doctor’s office and the pharmacist that the steroids will probably “make her hyper” so I should give it to her absolutely first thing in the morning. She got 3/4 of a tsp this morning, she’ll get 1/2 tsp tomorrow morning, and 1/4 tsp on Thursday morning.

Maybe in a few hours I’ll change my mind, but I’m kind of interested to see what Alice is like when she’s hopped up on steroids and “hyper,” since she’s such a mellow kid. This has the potential to be entertaining.

[In other news, the collies just went to the vet for their snipping appointments. I hope and pray that this doesn’t change their personalities, because I know that I’ll feel guilty forever if it does. We’ll have to hop Linus up on steroids if he gets any more mellow…]