Wild Goose Chase

Helen wants Zoo Pals paper plates. In a BAD way. Every time the ad comes on TV she starts dancing around like a loon and singing with it.

(Do loons dance?)

Anyway. I needed to go to Target today already because our 3-year-old baby monitor is not doing so well. So I wound Helen up by asking her if she wanted to go to Target and get Zoo Pals, and she went bananas.

So we went to Target, and beelined for the paper goods aisle. No Zoo Pals. We did get the baby monitor, though. And sunscreen, because it’s that time of year.

Then to Publix. No Zoo Pals there, either. I believe we witnessed Publix Syndrome, where the shelf is fully stocked except for THE EXACT THING you’re looking to purchase.

I would have dragged them both to WalMart to check there, except that It was already 45 minutes past lunch and Alice was very loudly protesting. So we were going to go to McDonald’s (which Helen calls “Fries-n-chicken”), but the drive-through line was two cars wide and circling all the way around the building. We came home and had ham instead. Well, Helen and I had ham. Alice had sweet potatoes and applesauce.

So. If anyone sees Zoo Pals when they’re out and about, could you make a mental note to tell me WHERE?