I worked some more on the quilt that was started on Friday night… Rejected all the blocks that had any light-colored background fabrics in them and made new blocks just using mediums and darks. Here’s the latest iteration…

Please STOP with the ORANGE

Trying to decide if I like the blocks with little squares in them or not (Row 2, Column 6 doesn’t jump out QUITE that much in real life, but it does pull some focus which changes its potential placements…), or the “Y” shaped ones (there’s one in Column 6 and three in Column 8 ). The “Y” ones are just very very hard to place, so I’m thinking I might make replacement blocks for them, too. Jerry’s not a fan of the ones with squares in them, but I almost wonder if the piece NEEDS those to anchor the rest of the chaos. We’ll see, though… Gotta live with it for a little while and see how I feel before I decide to sew them all together.

No Shots for Alice!

Alice lucked out… no shots today. I apparently remembered Helen’s data incorrectly (partly because I wasn’t great about writing down when Helen got which shots — figured the doc’s office can keep up with that, thanks).

19# 10oz (just under 75th percentile), 27.75″ long (just over 50th percentile). So she’s essentially proportional. And honestly, she’s been eating like a PIG lately, so I think we’re about to see some significant growth. At lunch she ate about 2 4-oz jars of baby food (squash, applesauce) and over half of a 6-oz jar (apples and cherries). And I stopped offering the FIRST time she clamped and refused a spoonful. Wow. Just kept shoveling it in…

Now she and Helen are both sleeping. 🙂 I’m loving having a Born-Again Sleeper. It’s so much easier to face the world when I’m operating on a full night’s sleep.

Snip x2 and shots all around

Yesterday I took Linus to the vet for his annual checkup and shots. They asked me — again — when we were planning to have him neutered. It’s better for them healthwise, because of the increased risk of things like prostate problems in unaltered dogs.

So I’ve made an appointment for both dogs for next Tuesday morning. Linus will get his teeth cleaned at the same time. I gotta call the vet’s office to find out how much this is going to cost, because Jerry asked me last night and I didn’t know.

Minuet and Emily also got rabies vaccines yesterday. Alice gets her 9 months shots today (1 month late). I think she gets shots, anyway. I’m pretty sure that Helen got a few shots at her 9 months checkup.