Enforced Cleanup

Lately I’ve been frittering my free time. Not ALL of it, but more than I should be. There are piles of crap in my new room upstairs that I’m not quite sure what to do with, so I just haven’t been doing anything. As a result, the piles aren’t getting smaller or dealt with or put away. Which means that my new space is no better than my old space — I STILL have a path to the usual places, and I still have piles of junk all over the room.

This morning my friend Claire called, wanting to use my die-cutting machine to cut out letters for a scrapbook she’s doing. There wasn’t a path TO the die-cutter, and she said she’d come by after lunchtime.

Well. Alice and I worked in there this morning, sorting through a few of the piles and making them smaller, and throwing out a lot of stuff. I’m about to go attack another pile, trashcan at the ready.

I’m thinking I need to invite a bunch of people over for a party IN THIS ROOM so that I’ll actually clean it and finish moving in.