I worked from home today.

My body is tired.

Today, after my haircut, while the girls were still off with grandparents, my mom and I went just a smidgen berserk.

We moved the following out of Jerry’s computer room:
4 full Rubbermaid tubs full of random stuff
4 gallon cans of paint
2 computer monitors (one in a large box)
3 CPUs
3 bookcases, one of which we had to take apart somewhat in order to be able to lift it
1 LaZBoy recliner
2 Wing Chairs
Miscellaneous stuff accumulated on one bookcase and the remaining computer desk

Left in the room: the computer desk, because even in pieces, that sucker is too ambitious a project for two women to tackle. Russ and Jerry can do that tomorrow.

Out of Helen’s room (and into Jerry’s room) we moved the following:
2 bookcases
1 play kitchen
3000 stuffed animals
miscellaneous toys
closet organizers (2) — shelves and drawer system, plus contents
6 drawers full of clothing
mattress, box spring, and frame

Remaining in Helen’s room are her dresser (without drawers), mirror, and 1 print that’s on the wall.

Up to Helen’s old room we moved the following:
My entire scrapbooking inventory and shelving
2 CPUs, a Mac, and a monitor, plus a UPS and various hobby items of Jerry’s that he doesn’t access much (I was going to use 2 closets but I have decided that he actually needs the storage more than I do, so he can have two closets in there)
2 Wing Chairs
The chair that will go with the computer desk when it gets moved up there

Into the New Room we moved the following:
One huge bookcase, and it’s FULL again with CDs, DVDs, Games, and yearbooks
Misc stuff from the desk and bookcase

Into our bedroom we moved Jerry’s recliner. Abbey was thrilled to pieces and she’s been sprawled out on it every time I’ve been in there today.

I need to get my sewing machine, table, and sewing chair moved up to Helen’s old room tonight, and then I’ll consider myself done for the day. Except for the trip to the grocery store to get myself some well-deserved beer.

Helen didn’t take a nap because she was way too excited about the move to think about sleeping. She did rest for about 45 minutes, but then she had to come up to see what we were doing. She had been attempting to nap on the floor in a sleeping bag, surrounded by familiar and well-loved toys, but hearing the ceiling squeak over her head was just more than she could take, I guess.

Pretty cool. I think we’re going to love this arrangement. 🙂 The chaos of getting it all set up is frustrating, but if we work really hard on it this weekend I think we’ll be able to make a LOT of headway towards getting it so the chaos is eliminated.