We need a DVR so that we can start recording things like the “CSI:” season finale, bathe the girls and put them to bed, and then start watching without having to wait until it’s finished taping so we can see the whole thing.

Currently, Jerry and I are just waiting for 45 minutes for the show to end so we can rewind the tap and start watching CSI:… We did catch the first five minutes or so, enough to know that Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed it so there will be a LOT of dialogue and flashbacks. Can’t decide if that annoys me or not, but I know Jerry’s not a big fan of Tarantino.

Hmm. I just quit the gym since I wasn’t going anyway. How much is Tivo a month?

Of course, the seasons are all ending. We don’t really NEED this until Septemberish. Right?

Daddy’s Girl

When I picked Helen up from playschool this morning, she asked if we could play the game with the CrabMonsters. Jerry has been playing the xbox with her lately, and she loves it. I told her that I didn’t know how to play the game, and so she’d have to wait for Daddy to come home from work.


“I want my Daaaaaaddddddyyyyyyyyy” was the resulting complaint.

CrabMonster, indeed.

I hope Jerry’s ready for a rousing evening of CrabMonster as soon as he gets home…