My sewing machine is broken. Well, I could probably still sew with it, but the tension might go a little weird on me because a belt popped off — worn on one side. Not worth the risk. Same thing happened last year and it was a MESS when I quilted with it in that condition.

It broke Saturday night, just in time for the holiday weekend.

I will arrive at the quilt shop tomorrow morning at 10am, with Helen, Alice, and my sewing machine. I really hope that she can fix it tomorrow… I was on a ROLL quilting my Fibonacci quilt. 🙁

Jerry suggested I camp out at the quilt shop tonight so I’m there as soon as Mary gets there in the morning. I don’t think that’ll be necessary; I’m sure she’ll see the desperation in my eyes when I do get there.

It’s due for its annual cleaning anyway, so I guess this was the sewing machine god’s way of telling me to take it IN already. I’m about 3 weeks late for that. Oops!

4 thoughts on “Broken”

  1. Sorry about the machine… I HATE it when I’m all geared up…and the machine isn’t! Speaking of which…I’m in the market for a foldable cabinet. I don’t have a sewing room, and I’ve been looking at those Koala ones… Do you have one? Or do you have any experience to know what brands are good? The idea is to have a small cabinet that folds out to a bigger desk/table when in use.

  2. I’m no help to you — my sewing machine just sits on a 2’x4′ standard office table. 🙂

    My machine is at the dealer’s getting repaired (hopefully), and I have a fancypants loaner machine IN DA HOUSE!

  3. Oh, she’s not sneaky about it. Doesn’t even TRY to be sneaky about it. She’s totally transparent (and unapologetic). Cracks me up.

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