New Woman

Jerry took apart Alice’s crib yesterday afternoon, carried it downstairs, and put it back together in my scrapbooking/sewing/filing room. I had moved out all my scrapping stuff and a table to make space for it. And the ironing board and iron, so that I could iron a shirt for Jerry to wear today. Because I’m that kind of a wife. Sewing machine and file cabinet and two more tables (and various other piles of crap) are still in there, but those will come out as the week progresses.

We put Alice to bed at 8 last night, which was much later than we intended but I had forgotten about a previous commitment I had to take food to the tech crew of Winnie the Pooh for strike. So that threw off bedtime — not that Helen minded, because she got to talk to Kanga, Rabbit, and Pooh (all out of costume and makeup, but she recognized them anyway because she talked about it all the way home)…

ANYWAY. Alice went to bed at 8. Squawked until about 8:05, and then she was OUT.

She stayed down until 7:30 this morning — not even a peep. And she woke up happy. I was awake from 5-6am paranoid that I couldn’t hear her, and because my body has been waking up then for 9.5 months to feed her. Hallelujah, she slept! And after TWO nights of relatively decent sleep, I feel like ME again, and not the zombie shell of myself that I have been for the past six weeks. It’s the first night Alice has truly slept all the way through since three blissful weeks in October, before the ear infections started.

And she has taken two naps today, as scheduled. I am LOVING having her downstairs, because that still gives me two full floors of the house on which to operate, even if I avoid the sleeping floor. And so I was able to clean the kitchen, change/wash/dry/fold/put away all of the sheets and towels, SCRUB the master bath (which I haven’t done in far too long), do several more loads of laundry, and continue moving stuff out of my craft room. Until Helen is out of her bedroom, I really have no idea where I’m going to put all this stuff… But that’s just details, really. I can only move out when Alice is awake, so I just gotta do it, and then deal with it while she’s sleeping.

Life is good.