Helen worries.

Tonight, before bed, we were watching a Scholastic Book video, which included “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and quite a few other books. One of the books that was animated and read was Joey Runs Away, which is apparently no longer in print.

If you click the link above, you can read the summary, but it’s basically about a little kangaroo that runs away when his mother wants him to clean up his room (her pouch). He finds that nowhere else is quite right, and at one point it’s dark and he’s sniffling. Helen was very concerned.

“Why is he sad?”
“He misses his mommy.”

So then, when he’d make a whimpering sound, I’d mimic it. Her chin started to wobble and her eyes turned red. Even though Joey and his mommy are reunited at the end of the story, Helen was distraught and worried about little Joey because Joey missed his mommy.

I had to peptalk the poor thing to put her to bed, drying her tears and reminding her that Joey was hugging his mommy at the end of the story, just like I was hugging her. And that she didn’t need to worry, because he was back in his room again.

Poor little thing. We’ll probably have to talk about that story and/or watch it fifty times tomorrow.