Miss Alice slept off the morphine and anesthesia until 2pm, when I went in to check on her. She looked up, and decided she wanted out of the crib.

She was a little wobbly at first, but she was HUNGRY… I gave her a little kids’ Dannon Frusion, which is 3 oz. of drinkable yogurt, and she drank it in a hurry, so I then gave her more juice. And crackers and plain Cheerios. She has now had cheese and Goldfish crackers as well.

We are now having a battle of wills over whether or not she is allowed to climb up and sit on the kitchen table, so I guess she feels pretty good. I’ll keep giving her ibuprofen every 4 hours until bedtime, and hopefully she’ll feel okay in the morning.

The doctor checked her adenoids and decided that they were contributing to the problem, so he did a adenoidectomy with a suction cautery. This is why she’s in some pain — ear tubes alone don’t really hurt.

Nice thing about an adenoidectomy, though — because they’re up in the nasal area and not down in the throat, there are no limitations on what she can eat. This is good, because I’m quite certain Alice would not be pleased by a limited diet. Right now she’s eating a pickle, and is quite happy about it.

I have a feeling that tonight will be an early night in our house, though… I was up at 5:15, Jerry was up at 5:45, my mom was here at 6 to sit with Helen, who woke up shortly after Jerry, Alice, and I left at 6:20. Some of you will not be bothered by those kinds of hours, but I am NOT used to it.