Pandora’s Living Room, II

Progress continues… I painted the foyer the other night, did the second coat, and moved everything back in there. Painted up the stairs, did the second coat on that. Painted the window wall in the living room and almost all of the landing on Thursday, did the second coats of both of those sections today. I’ll put the switchplates back up after church and rehang everything tomorrow, and return the sofa to its original position.

Now comes the fun part.

Every remaining wall to be painted requires that some very large piece of furniture (grand piano, 7-foot bookcase that is FULL, corner cabinet full of crystal goblets) be moved, or swinging baby gates removed from the wall, or scaffolding to be put up (yes, I’m paying someone to do that last part).

I guess tomorrow I’ll start emptying the corner cabinet and the big bookcase so that I can get to that wall. Maybe I’ll do the first coat on that wall tomorrow afternoon or night, and then I can possibly do the second coat on Monday morning before my Day Of Tutoring begins (math finals are on Tuesday, so I tutor from 10-4 without a break on Monday).

Wednesday night I plan to take the gates down and paint that stairwell (we have permanent gates installed at the top and bottom of the stairs leading down to the Children’s Lair), since the girls go to playschool Thursday morning. Finals will be over so I won’t be tutoring, so I can do the second coat first thing in the morning and hopefully put the gates back up that night. Must have baby gates to function in this house, of course!

Not sure exactly how I’m going to get the piano out of the way so I can access that 6-foot stretch of wall… Looking forward to it. Ugh.

Looks good, though. I’ll share “after” photos when I’ve finished it all. And hopefully my friend Terri can help me with the decorating — I was at her house on Thursday and she’s like Stacy — she has a knack for finding things that are perfect for her house, so everthing is cohesive. We need that in this house. Of course, we’re limited by little kids right now, but that’ll get easier as time goes on… So I might as well start collecting things, right?