My sexy husband and I moved two large and cumbersome pieces of furniture (no, not the piano) today, so that I can have access to another wall to paint tonight. Yippee yahoo!!

Then Helen supervised while I used putty to fill up a construction hole over the French doors, as well as nail holes and three cracks in the door moulding. Once that’s dry, I should be ready to do the first coat! Whee!

Goal: first coat tonight, and second coat in the morning before my first tutoring student arrives.

Why the rush, you ask? Disruption of the house for as short a time as possible is better for Jerry’s happiness. He always likes the finished product, but STRONGLY dislikes the painting process because everything is a wreck for a while. So I’m trying to do this as efficiently as I can.

That, and Emily the cat rips holes in her forehead and neck from her OCD scratching anytime I move furniture or make big changes in the house. At least Jerry’s just grumpy and not self-mutilating.