I was walking around in Wal-Mart today with Alice, during the 45 segment of time between picking up the girls from school.

In the baby toys section, I saw a friend of mine. Then a realization.

Her baby’s birthday party was Sunday. We were invited. We RSVPed that we were coming. And then I completely forgot about it.

Alice WAS sick with an ear infection, and I think she slept from about 12 until 3 that day, so she slept through the party anyway. But I’m just APPALLED that not only did I forget about it, I forgot about it for FOUR DAYS.

Damn and doubledamn.

I’m so embarrassed. So incredibly embarrassed. I hate it when I do stuff like that. I apologized profusely, and hopefully she got how mortified I was. I don’t know her very well. And hmm… I’m guessing I’m not going to get to know her very well now, either. 🙁

Here’s the kicker — it’s even written on the calendar, clearly, which I have referred to multiple times this week.