Merry Merry

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Ours was good, festive, happy, and fun. And I’m thankful for my beautiful family, and for the fact that we can all be together on Christmas. I know my children will take it for granted, but both Jerry and I know how lucky they (and we) are — we both grew up away from grandparents.

Speaking of which, my 92-year-old grandmother Helen fell on Wednesday night and broke her hip. She had surgery on Friday, and is doing well. She’s a feisty woman, stronger than you can possibly imagine (anyone who knew my grandfather will understand this — to be married to someone like that for 59 years, she had to be a damn strong woman. You know how opinionated and outspoken I can be? Multiply it times infinity. That was my grandfather.). She’s feeling MUCH better now that she’s back at her assisted living facility. She’ll be in the Health Care Wing (nursing home wing) for a couple weeks while she’s in therapy, but hopefully she’ll get to go back to her apartment by January 6 or so.

She was alone in the hospital on Christmas Day. I hate that. It made me hug my own family a little tighter yesterday. I am truly blessed.

My parents flew up (Dad’s a pilot, and since he just retired a week ago, his schedule is totally free so that he didn’t have to check with anyone or do any shuffling to be able to go!) on Thursday morning, at Nana’s request, and stayed until Saturday. Nana insisted that they return home to be with Helen and Alice for Christmas. They’re going back up tomorrow in their RV, and they’ll stay as long as they need to, up until the 6th of January, when Mom insists that they have to be back.

On top of all of this, my uncle rushed to be with Nana today, and then received a phone call from home that his wife had to be taken to the hospital for either pneumonia or pleurisy or something, and she’s not doing well. So he had to get back into his car and drive the four hours home. No small amount of stress for him! 🙁

Hug your family tight. I know I will be hugging mine super-tight this year!