Baby Book

I’ve been feeling pangs of guilt lately because I haven’t done anything in Alice’s baby book since pictures that were taken in February. So I needed to get moving on it before I forgot stuff.

It is no secret that I HATE doing baby books. HATE THEM. They’re tedious, because you have to be totally organized before you start a page (like a milestones page or a visits-to-the-doctor page), because things in a baby book aren’t really chronological.

However, I LOVE looking back at Helen’s baby book. And Helen loves looking at Helen’s baby book. So I definitely see the benefit in doing the silly thing.

So. Last night I did March, April, and half of May in Alice’s baby book. So now we’re up to First Steps, First Day at the Pool, Helen’s birthday, a trip to the Zoo, and then Alice’s First Birthday.

AND THEN I’LL BE DONE. Except for journaling.

Thank God.