Pandora’s Living Room

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I started my biggest housepainting project to date: the foyer/living room/gallery/both stairwells/upstairs landing. This is all one big room, and it has been flat contractor beige for three years. I HATE that color. It’s blecky.

We chose a color that’s one shade darker than the peachy cream color in our bedroom. It’s still significantly lighter than the existing wall color, so I think it will help eradicate the cave-like feeling that persists in our living room.

Tonight I painted the foyer. I’m going to attempt a stairwell next, I think. Or maybe one wall in the living room. I’m paying someone to paint the gallery, because at 14 feet up I’m not really interested in trying that, especially on the section over the stairs.

The goal is to just do this one wall or section at a time until it gets done. We may or may not have the carpet in the living room replaced soon, so that’s kind of the impetus to this project. Not sure what the status is on the replace-the-carpet timeline, but at least the fact that the room needs to be painted won’t be holding us back anymore, right?