I have a quiet house for the next three hours, as the girls are playing with their grandparents. They’re going to feed the ducks, and then over to play with Tally, the fox terrier who gets excited at the mere mention of Helen’s name. I love that.

I’m going to clean the main floor since I have people coming over tonight. And I’m going to go to the grocery store, because we have, as Jerry put it, whittled the contents of the pantry down to “Baker’s chocolate and tomato paste.” I did tell him that I could make a really good barbeque chicken pot pie with that combination of food items, and he just glowered at me. Apparently it breaks the meat and chocolate rule. No mole sauce for him! Other than that, there’s just not a whole lot of worthwhile food in there. Some cereal. Raisins. Bisquick. And we are totally out of prunes, almost out of Advil (again), and close to being out of all fruit-type items.

So. I guess I’ll do some menu planning, too, which I haven’t done in a while. But I’m able to stand up for indefinite amounts of time now so I can cook again. So life is good. 🙂

Time permitting, I’ll do something for me. But since I get to scrapbook tonight, I feel like I’ll be getting the payoff anyway. Whee!