Interesting… I was apparently pivotal in starting an online riot this evening. Wow.

And to think that women are nice all the time when talking amongst very good friends? Naive, at best. Women are not nice, as a group. To expect them to be is just asking for disappointment.

Just sayin’.


After 8 weeks, I finally have had the nerve to try a crunchy green salad again. I think my innards are functioning properly enough to manage this reasonably well. But just in case, it was only a small salad.


All that was in it was various lettuces (romaine, Butter, and Bibb, I think — one of those bag salads), baby carrots, white mushrooms, cucumber slices, and a little bit of celery. And Ranch dressing.

But it tasted just like heaven to me.

I have missed my greenery, and I’m glad that now I will be able to eat it again. Yum. Yum yum yum.