Alouicious Wonderlicious

This morning, Alice tried to re-enact her behavior from exactly 1 year ago. At 1 this morning, roughly the time I went into labor (for real) on July 14 last year, Alice woke up. She cried in spurts, about 90 seconds apart, for a while. I ignored her. Thank God her cries didn’t increase in intensity like the contractions had. And there was no speeding to the hospital and running red lights while yelling at Jerry through my teeth to SPEED UP, DAMMIT.

And then at 5:20, she woke up and cried again. Jerry and I both stirred, and I said, “A year ago RIGHT NOW, I started pushing.”

Again, we ignored her. We are BREAKING her 5:30am habit. 1 year of that is long enough.

Alice was born after a mere 10 minutes of pushing, at 5:30am on July 14, 2004. Today, she slept until 6:45.

Happy Birthday, little one!
(photo stolen from today’s ectui entry)
Alice on driveway