Rough night here last night. Alice was up at 1:20, 4:30, and 5am, crying. I think that teeth are preparing to cut, because she’s drooling a lot and cranky. So at 5, I brought her upstairs to feed her, give her Motrin, and put numbing medicine on her gums.

Hopefully the rough night means that they’ll cut through today. This means that today might not be a lot of fun, but tonight should be better. She’ll be getting Motrin and numbing stuff at bedtime, though.

I hate teething. At least she’s not as bad as Helen, though. When one of Helen’s teeth would cut through, I’d spend the day cleaning up puke, since that’s Helen’s typical response to pain. Alice just doesn’t sleep. That’s her typical response to everything, it seems.

Ear infection? No fever, no ear-pulling, just a lack of sleep.
Hungry? No sleep.
Not sure how to start your book report? No sleep.
Stock market down? No sleep.

As annoying as Helen’s occasional temper tantrums are, I think I prefer preschoolers to babies. Ugh. At least Helen SLEEPS at night like normal people. Coupled with Alice’s Morning Person-ness, I’m doomed.