Playing With Food

Helen is sitting at the kitchen table, playing with little squares of Jello Jigglers. I love watching the playtime progress, even when it gets horrifically messy (which it almost always does). Her imaginaion is fascinating.

Alice is sitting behind her, coveting the Jello from the high chair. And now she’s sharing.

What I’ve been listening to:

I’m making his bed. Here’s his mommy, and here’s his daddy.And now they all snuggle. [snoring noises] Here’s her sister. [more snoring noises] Shhhhhhhh! And now we’re going outside [moves the Jello squares off the plate and marches them across the table]. And now it’s time to play. We have to push the green button to get it to start. Push the green button! [one of the squares apparently pushes a button] No, the OTHER one! [puts her hands together.] My hands are sticky. [starts dragging a chair across the floor to the kitchen sink] I’m not gonna wash dishes, I’m just gonna wash my hay-ands.

She’ll just prattle until I say something… Last night this went on for about 25 minutes or so while I cooked dinner and she made a soppy mess with milk and bread crusts… I think there was mention of a lake and swimming, and the bread crusts were the characters in last night’s episode.