Sleeping Yarn

I sewed the seams of Alice’s sweater last night (in the dark, finishing by the light of my laptop screen), and tried it on her this morning. It’s big, but it will be perfect this fall and winter. I still have to make the hood, buttonholes, and attach the buttons. And some contrast trim. But it’s pretty close to done, considering what I HAVE done.

Anyway. Helen saw it this morning and said, “I want one!”

So I showed her a ball of the yarn that arrived yesterday, which was purchased to make her a little bolero jacket. She picked out the color, which is a dark green color. The yarn is merino wool/cashmere/microfiber, and is very soft. She just put the ball of yarn down on the sofa, covered it with a blanket, and is singing lullabies to it. I’m thinking I’m going to have to hide the yarn from her so she doesn’t cuddle with it too much and unwind it before I have a chance to knit it into a sweater for her.