Uh oh

I feel a Frenzy coming on. I just finished knitting the Butternut Blanket, which is a 30″ square monstrosity that I started in February. I finished it this morning during a riveting episode of “Dora the Explorer.” Dunes! Boardwalk! Beach! Dunes! Boardwalk! Beach!

Alice’s little sweater is all sewn together, and I’m now knitting the hood. Over halfway done with that, and then I can attach it to the body of the sweater and do the finishing (blanket stitch around the edges, buttons and button loops). Not that finishing is imminent or anything, but I can see the light of the end of that project.

I finished quilting a quilt last week, trimmed it, and it’s ready for binding. Started quilting another one and made lots of progress, and I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out.

Yesterday I started painting our master bedroom, which used to be two bedrooms (before we bought the house), so it’s BIG. Probably 25’x14′, plus a hallway that has been integrated into the room. Lots of walls and doors to cut in around. I’ve done probably about half of it already, and it looks GREAT. We might actually like that room now that it’s not contractor brown anymore. Nasty, nasty color. WHY do contractors use it?!

Anyway. Once Helen gets put away for the evening (in about 15 minutes), I’m going to get the paint roller out of the fridge (put it in there so I wouldn’t have to wash it between stopping at 5pm and resuming after the girls’ bedtimes) and get back to it. And then we’ll inhale paint fumes all night. Yummers.

I love Frenzies. After my BLAH day yesterday, I decided to get productive.