Yuppie Times Two

I just did what I said I’d never do: I bought a side-by-side double stroller.

This one: Baby Trend Expedition Double

A few reasons:

#1. I have a LOT of trouble pushing the Jeep one we have — have to lift the entire back end, which is tough on my wrists. I have recurrent tendonitis in my wrists. So I need one that is easy to push. I tried all the front-to-back ones in my price range at Babies ‘R Us and they were all just as bad as the Jeep one at home — early impossible to turn. For comparison, I pushed a few singles (with Helen in them) just to be sure it wasn’t the floor causing the difficulty. Nope. Pushed the side-by-side standard strollers. Also hard to navigate. Tried a baby jogger for grins. Oh, wow. What a difference!

#2. Our Evenflo one that WAS easy to push has broken, and I can’t get their customer service to contact me about replacements for the broken part. The replacement part has also been removed from their website (it was there the first time I checked, but now is on indefinite backorder… Other reviews of the stroller indicate that this is pretty much a universal problem, so I don’t think the replacement parts will fix it anyway).

#3. Standard front-to-back double strollers have a weight limit of 40 pounds per child. Helen weighs about 36 pounds now. The baby jogger has a weight limit of 50 pounds per kid, so we could conceivably use it for a while.

#4. Jerry just signed up for the Disney Half Marathon and will need to be training. This way he can train AND get the kiddos out of my hair. 🙂

#5. The girls like to sit side-by-side in shopping carts and in the car. They hold hands a lot. It’s sweet.

The con that it’s WIDE and won’t fit through doors will be annoying, yes. But I don’t plan on bringing it inside anyway. I plan on walking OUTSIDE, when the girls wake me up hideously early. Might as well use that time for something constructive. And it’ll certainly fit in the back of my Subaru.

So. I have a Baby Jogger. I feel like such a yuppie.

One thought on “Yuppie Times Two”

  1. We have a Macleran Twin Traveler. It’s a side-by-side that was $300 and worth every damn penny. It fits through doors and I can turn the thing with my pinky finger. But for exercising, yours is much better. (And since I NEVER excersize, this ain’t a problem for me.)

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