Time Out

Helen put me in a Time Out this morning because she heard me say “Dammit.”

We don’t say “Time Out” around here… We say, “Do you need to sit down for a minute?” which usually causes a HUGE burst of tears.

So she told me to “Sit down a minute.” So I did. Then she said, “Cry.” So I did.

Realized that the newly double-gated stairs make a PERFECT place for Time Outs… She can be gated into a supremely boring area on the stairs when she Sits Down For A Minute. Also will make a fabulous temporary holding area for Collies, though it’s not nice to trap them on the stairs since they can’t really sit there comfortably.


I enjoy Mondays. It’s my Routine Day, if I have such a thing. I change all the sheets and towels and wash everything and put things away and try to see how much I can get done. And Jerry’s mother helps TREMENDOUSLY by kidnapping the girls on Monday afternoons. Monday mornings Helen is at preschool, and Alice usually takes a good nap (overtired from the weekend). So this has been a good day.

One exciting thing I did today: I rewired three lamps that have been broken by cats. And they all WORK. I’m so proud of myself.

I also installed two latching baby gates at the top and bottom of the most oft-used stairs in the house. This way Alice won’t be in danger of pulling the gate down on herself anymore, since it’s pretty much screwed to the wall.

AND I put all the tools I used back where I got them. So that’ll make certain people very happy. 🙂

Currently I’m listening (and singing) to the Chicago soundtrack at the threshhold of pain on Jerry’s Bose radio. Life. Is. Good.
I enjoy Mondays.