Because I don’t have enough to do, I started knitting a hoodie jacket for Alice last weekend out of some fabulous cotton yarn I picked up in Texas when I was there in March. I didn’t buy a lot of the yarn, so there was a limit to what I could make with it. A sweater for Alice is pretty much the upper limit. So that’s what I’m doing.

This is the one I’m making (this photo is from Bernat):
Hoodie Jacket
[Note: that’s not Alice, obviously, since I haven’t finished the sweater yet.]

The only knitting projects I’ve ever FINISHED are scarves, and I’ve made three of those. I’m working on a wool blanket, that will end up being a carseat blanket or dolly blanket because Alice will have outgrown it for practical use by the time I finish it AND it’s cold enough again. But I mostly was doing that one for the practice. And the therapy of it. I take it with me to meetings at church to prevent me from strangling the windbags that make the meetings run long.

So I started this little sweater for Alice. It’s knit using the moss stitch, which looks like this:
moss stitch
And the yarn is a mint green color. Not the tacky mint green of the 80s, but a nice, pretty green. I really like it. And Jerry, the all-time number one hater of mint green, even thinks that it’s pretty. Maybe he’s just saying that to appease me, I don’t know. Don’t care.

Today, I finished knitting the back of the sweater and shaped the shoulders and cast off. When Jerry came downstairs, I draped the sweater back over Alice’s back to see how long it was (I’m making the 18-months size). It’s plenty long, and it looks like she’ll fit in it with room to grow, so that’s good. All I’ve got is the back so far, so it was kind of silly sitting there draped over her back.

Jerry couldn’t resist. “Oh, so now she has a knitted CAPE? All the other superheroes are going to make fun of her: ‘Oh, LOOK. Here comes MACRAME GIRL.'”


I still think it’s gonna be cute.