Time Out

Helen put me in a Time Out this morning because she heard me say “Dammit.”

We don’t say “Time Out” around here… We say, “Do you need to sit down for a minute?” which usually causes a HUGE burst of tears.

So she told me to “Sit down a minute.” So I did. Then she said, “Cry.” So I did.

Realized that the newly double-gated stairs make a PERFECT place for Time Outs… She can be gated into a supremely boring area on the stairs when she Sits Down For A Minute. Also will make a fabulous temporary holding area for Collies, though it’s not nice to trap them on the stairs since they can’t really sit there comfortably.

2 thoughts on “Time Out”

  1. That’s awesome. Elyse showed me at age 4 that I had taught her the appropriate use of the word “asshole.” She said it meant somebody that makes you stop the car when you’re driving.

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