Grocery List

Several weeks ago, I took the girls with me to the grocery store to pick up a few things before dinner. Alice very loudly listed off all of the things I needed to get in her sing-songy little slurring voice (I kind of hope that her speech improves after the tubes on Wednesday, for the simple reason that her hearing won’t be muffled once it drains again — we’ve seen dramatic changes the other two times):

“Kee-wos…” [Cheerios]
“Pay-cakes…” [Pancakes]
“Saw-wop…” [Syrup]
“G’een beans…”
“Go’fish…” [Goldfish crackers]
“Faw-wawwies…” [Strawberries]
“Jooooooceeeeee….” [Juice]
“Gak-oos…” [crackers]
“Brockee…” [Broccoli]
“Cheezin Baggie…” [Land O’ Lakes snack size cheese slices — perfect for little hands]
“Tikken…” [Chicken]
“Pockickoes…” [Popsicles]
“Aye-keem…” [Ice cream]

This went on for the entire ride to the store and amused me greatly. And it made me realize that my little girls don’t eat TOO much junk, all things considered. She wasn’t listing off Cheetos and Chips and ONLY things of that genre… Broccoli and green beans were ahead of popsicles and ice cream, for example.

2 thoughts on “Grocery List”

  1. Our big sadness lately is being unable to find the dino cheese. (Shaped like dinosaurs.) I’ve had to resort to cookie cutters.

    I thought of you the other day. Mike sings along with the Zoo Pals commercials, and I remember Helen being crazy about them. Did you ever find a place to buy them in bulk?? I only ever see the $1/10 packs…

  2. Never did find ’em in bulk, but I haven’t really looked much either. She hasn’t asked for them in a while so we’ve been using dishwasher-safe stuff, which makes me feel like a responsible consumer. 🙂

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