When Helen got up from her nap today, she enjoyed some time with just me and Jerry, without having Alice around for competition (because Alice was still sleeping). Jerry said, “Gosh, Helen, your hair is getting long!” It’s grazing the tops of her shoulders now.

She said, without hestitating, “We could give it to Locks of Love!”

Jerry looked at me and said, “Aww!” and then asked Helen, “What will Locks of Love do with it?”

“Give it to some children who can use it.”

The girls’ babysitter arrived on her first day here with short (chin-length) hair, after hearing me say, “Liz has long hair.” Liz explained that she had gotten it cut and given it to Locks of Love, and explained what that meant. Helen was fascinated. Obviously, it made an impression. 🙂

And it makes me proud to think that Helen might even consider such a thing at the ripe age of four.