Tubes, part three

Alice had a tympanogram today, to see how much fluid buildup there was behind her eardrums. The audiologist said, “Oh, wow, poor kiddo, you’re not comfortable, are you? Let’s go see the nurse.” And he whisked us out of his little testing room and took us to the nurse’s station, and we went back out to the waiting room to wait for the nurse to be able to talk to the doctor.

After a little while, the nurse came back out and asked if it would be okay for the doctor to just call us at home later, because he didn’t need to see Alice — he could tell by looking at the tympanogram results that she needed another set of tubes.

So we toddled home, and the doctor called as I was getting dinner ready. Alice will have her third set of tubes put in on Wednesday morning, and while he’s in there and she’s asleep, he’ll take a look around at her nasopharynx and see if there’s any obvious reason why she would still be having this much trouble.

And then we’ll probably go swimming — head above water, of course — Wednesday afternoon, if history is any indicator of how Miss Alice does after this surgery. This time we may just take Helen with us to the hospital, since she’ll be up at that hour anyway, and the early-rising grandmother is out of town.