Verdict on Super Suppers…

We had the second of the six recipes I tried on Saturday (I split each one, so we’ll have 12 meals total out of the experience): “Honey Ginger Chicken Grill with Seasoned Noodles.” Jerry and I both liked it a LOT. Enough for me to even try to replicate the recipe on my own sometime. VERY very tasty (Ronda, it’s got pineapple juice in it, though… so you’ll just have to trust me that it’s deeeeelicious).

So far, we’re batting a thousand.


8 thoughts on “Verdict on Super Suppers…”

  1. Sounds yummy. Might I ask how much the whole thing cost? And if there was a decent selection of vegetarian entrees?

  2. I wasn’t looking for vegetarian options, but I don’t think there really were that many, to be honest. Maybe 2 out of the 12, but even that’s stretching it — the Supreme Stuffed Bread could be made vegetarian, I suppose.

    You can see their menus for this month and next month if you click on the link in the SuperFood post (from Saturday, I think)…

    It was $125 for 6 entrees (which I split to make 12 meals), or $215 for 12. You can pick and choose which entrees you want to make to get to 6 or 12, so if I know I’m having a big lasagna dinner and need to feed more than 30 people, I could make 6 lasagnas and that’s fine.

    So, short answer, no. Not really a decent selection of vegetarian entrees for February (only Pasta Fagioli) or March (only Stuffed Shells), not counting fish dishes. 🙁

  3. Probably not, Ra — I think it’s the acid that tenderizes the meat. You could probably substitute lemon or orange juice, though– would change the flavor, but it would still be good, probably.

  4. I don’t know how Steamboat is… but Elyse has gone to ski school at Breck and Vail every year, and she LOVES IT. They start at 3, and they do a lot of playing. Of course, if you don’t want to put her in school, you could always just find where they take the school. They should have a magic carpet there, which Elyse always loved. The lifts were scary for her for a long time. We’re thinking about renting Mike skis for a day while we’re in Vail this year… But no verdict yet. Probably depends on how well the potty training is going!!

  5. Yeah, she’s signed up for ski school for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Yesterday when we went to borrow the ski suit, she thought she was GOING to ski school and was confused because it’s the wrong day. We’ve been talking it up, showing her pictures of her cousins in ski school, and trying to get her all excited about seeing all the snow. So far, so good.

  6. The chicken probably broke my meat & fruit rule, but I’ll let it slide. I could only taste ginger, not pineapple.

    One pays for convenience and experience at Super Suppers. They do all the prep work and cleaning, plus provide the packaging. You get the ease of having the ‘what’s for dinner?’ question solved for a while, plus the convenience of “heat it and eat it.”

    Still, it’s okay with me.

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