Sock shoe sock shoe

Jerry has made fun of me for years.

When I put on socks and shoes, I do it in this order: Sock, shoe, sock, shoe. Always. So that if I have to walk anywhere partially through the process, my socks don’t get dirty or wet (if I end up having to go back into the bathroom after I’ve taken a shower, etc.).

Jerry puts his on sock, sock, shoe, shoe. I figure it’s more efficient to complete the task with one foot before starting on the other foot.

Of course, I wear clogs most of the time now anyway, so it’s kind of moot (NOT MUTE. It is NOT A MUTE POINT. Ugh. I hate that misspelling.), but anyway. I’m just sayin’.

So. What do you do? Sock, sock, shoe, shoe? Or sock, shoe, sock, shoe?

Is it weird that Jerry and I have actually taken the time to notice these little quirks?