80% Albatross

The Green Albatross is 80% quilted. And then I ran out of the quilting thread. No worries, though — I have acquired another spool, so production can resume.

Photos of the finished product SHOULD be up by the Spring Equinox, if not the FIRST of March.

I told Jerry that when I finish this quilt, the dogs will be locked in the kitchen for the night, the cats will be locked in the bathroom, and we will sleep under it for one inaugural night. Then it will lie in wait until the cats die before it gets put on the bed again. Not because I’m afraid that they’ll puke on it or anything (they will, but it’s washable and dryable), but because Minuet and Abbey are getting old, and they tend to use their claws to climb up onto the bed these days — they can’t quite jump high enough to make it all the way up anymore. And if they damaged it by doing that, I’d be MOST displeased.

So. One inaugural night, and then into the cabinet it goes. I’m looking forward to sleeping under one of my quilts. My daughter has been doing that for almost 2 years (the downstairs cats don’t claw their way up onto the bed, though).