At Aardvark’s suggestion, I went to Super Suppers this morning. WOW.

I am all over that. It was so FUN to cook that way.

Not only do they do all the menu selection, prepwork, and cleanup, it was the little things that I liked. If I needed tablespoons of, say, three different ingredients for a recipe, there would be three tablespoon measures at the recipe’s station. If I needed half a cup of diced onions, there would be a half-cup scoop IN the diced onions, to make it even easier. This doesn’t seem like much, but MAN. It was great.

Each recipe had its own station, and ONLY the items you needed for that recipe were at that station. There were about 8 of us there this morning, and they bussed each station between people preparing the recipe. My only complaint is that they didn’t quite bus the stations fast enough, but since they’ve only been open a month, I imagine they’re still working out the things like that.

If it were up to me, I’d have the equipment for a particular recipe together (mixing bowl, specific spoons and scoops, etc.) and on a cart so that all the station would require would be a wipedown and setting out of the new batch of equipment for the next person. Instead, what they were doing was having to get a bowl from the bowl place, measuring spoons from the measuring spoon place, etc. AND a wipedown. So it took longer. The group that was there today was a pre-reserved “class,” so they knew how many Pasta Fagioli recipes they needed to prepare for. While they were getting the ingredients ready, they could have gotten the equipment ready, too, and then all the bussing that would have been required would have been someone standing at the ready with a supply cart and a rag. Much simpler. But they didn’t ask me. Maybe they should’ve.

Anyway, I had a great time, and assuming we like the recipes I will definitely be going back sometime. Nancy had a good idea that you could get a group from church together and put together one set extra of the entrees, and then keep them in the freezer at the church for when people have a crisis and need to have food brought in.

LOVE the concept, and if we like the food, I’ll probably make it part of my cooking regimen. The recipes looked really yummy as I was putting them together, and the people running the store were very personable and helpful. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

2 thoughts on “SuperFood”

  1. Oh Elaine, I’m so jealous. I’ve been hoping something like that would come here. I thought it would make a GREAT Moms Night Out for my Mothers & More group. Maybe we’ll get one up here soon.

  2. Stuffed Peppers were a success! Yay!

    Anjali — I don’t know how accessible their recipes are for vegetarians, since I don’t watch for that… But I’m surprised that your area doesn’t have a Dream Dinners or Super Suppers or something similar. I’d expect that region to be ahead of this one, really. I hope you get one soon!!

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